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——— management  ———


Jacob Wu (President of Anser Press)

Wu Qingke, master of Chinese Academy of Sciences, majored in molecular biology. After graduation, he has been engaged in the scientific research service industry, and has his own unique understanding of genomics, proteomics, biomedical experiments and other fields. With rich experience in team management and company operation, he is now the general manager of Anser academic and angzhen scientific research

Xin Jin(Project Director of Anser Press)

Jin Xin, master of environmental engineering, Beijing University of technology. He is good at medicine and biosensor, and has published many SCI articles with high scores. At present, he is the project director of Anser publishing and angzhen scientific research, and the executive editor of biosensors and biomedical materials.

Dr. Tam Yew Joon   Senior Scientific Advisor
Graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biochemistry, MSc in Virology and PhD in Molecular Biotechnology from University Putra Malaysia. His expertise lies in molecular biotechnology and bioprocessing with extensive knowledge in aptamer platform technology, assay development for applications in agriculture, medical and pharmaceutical industries, bioinformatics analysis and downstream processing of bioactive compounds from Malaysian plants.
Joey Kon Jo Ee   Designer / Secretary
Graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. She has substantial experience in graphic design, she had done the poster design of orientation project for Leo club and also poster, postcard, voucher and pamphlet for FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia). She is currently working as graphic designer and secretary in NGSRC.
Lam Jiang Seng   Project Manager

Graduated in Bachelor of international business in Xiamen University. Graduated MBA program in ZheJiang University.Now engaged in serial entrepreneurship, integrating the resources of various countries.

Jason Gan   Project Manager
Graduated from Xiamen University,China with Bachelor's degree in Medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine physicians, dedicated to the medical industry, especially in the clinical industry of Chinese Medicine and herbal medicine.

——— scope of business  ———


International scientific research cooperation
The platform cooperates with overseas researchers to provide SCI projects covered by clinical and medical technology departments, with a score range of 0-10 points (quotation after estimation of more than 5 points)
Thesis polishing Investment Agency

Indian researchers from native English speaking countries, according to the direction of the paper, designate relevant professional Daniel to scientifically polish the paper, and be responsible for investment and employment on behalf of him.

International general monograph

Anser press, Singapore, Chinese monograph, English general issues, including: medicine, biology, chemistry, mechanical education, economics, etc., formal ISBN, ISSN numbers.

National and provincial natural tender

Angzhen scientific research has a doctoral team to grasp the latest scientific research progress, write municipal and provincial tenders, master and doctoral dissertations, etc. Overseas professors are responsible for the bidding documents of the National Nature University.

Medical experiment outsourcing

Angzhen scientific research strategic cooperation laboratory can outsource experiments in biomedical fields such as exosomes, genes, model animals, etc.

——— Headquarters address ———


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