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Nanyang International Scientific Research Center
Understand our international scientific research platform


With our continuous progress, I fully hope to have new discoveries and discoveries, which are designed to make daily choices positive and important - not only for the immediate life, but also for the sustainable health of the whole life stage. We invite you to travel with us. Nanyanginstitute of nanomaterials and technologies (Nint)

We cooperate with international and local organizations, research institutions and industries to conduct material research in a collaborative, multidisciplinary and collaborative manner. Development depends on innovation, and innovation depends on talents. We invite talents to join us. We welcome all cooperation to create with us. We can work together to make Nint a leading research institute in the field of material science and engineering! • The mission of Nint is to develop science and develop innovative technologies to further promote economic growth and improve life.

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International Sci cooperation - angzhen scientific research

Angzhen scientific research is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore anser publishing group. Its domestic headquarters are located in Shanghai. With the international influence of Singapore anser publishing group, angzhen scientific research is committed to building an international scientific research platform for scientific researchers to cooperate and communicate around the world, to realizing scientific research exchange and dissemination, and to promoting the integrated development of clinical medicine and basic medicine.


On the angzhen scientific research platform, researchers from university laboratories and research institutes all over the world and domestic clinical researchers can exchange scientific research achievements, collide with the sparks of ideas, and jointly complete various forward-looking scientific research projects.


In the future, angzhen scientific research will spend a lot of money to build an international scientific research platform covering all disciplines, which will greatly promote the exchange and integration of domestic and international, different disciplines, and promote the rapid development of interdisciplinary.


At present, there are nearly 400 researchers from more than 200 universities and research institutes in 27 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Pakistan, Iran, India, Israel, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. on the platform, and thousands of scientific research projects are communicated and implemented on the platform every year.


We are in an era of rapid development and the integration of the world. Join us and win-win cooperation!

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